summer daze

daze | noun: a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment.

Michigan summer's are so so glorious, but they always seem to go by so fast. I feel perpetually dazed, by the bewildering beauty of the lake, the beaches, the lush forests and a stunned confusion on how these longer days can go by in a blink of an eye..So I try and soak it all up while its here. Even yesterday as I complained about the humidity, as it came out of my mouth I realized, no, this is summer and i'll take all of it. All the perfect 85 sunny days along with the occasional humid or cloudy or rainy or too hot or not hot enough. I'll take it all. 

So this playlist is made for soaking up these summer days. Specifically for driving with the windows all the way down on the back roads, for sitting at the beach with your toes in the water and a drink in hand, for laying in hammocks, for dancing by fires and watching the stars. Its as diverse and represents all the moods because its for all the moments of this beautiful fleeting season.  


tip: try to open this playlist in spotify to make sure you are listening to the full tracks