Musings: a period of reflection or thought

I've had a lot of small things to share lately. The change in seasons. The balance of light and dark. Ideas on gratitude. But I've been embracing this time. Retreating inward, meditating more, embracing my introvert tendencies, and I've been finding myself reading voraciously and filling myself up with inspiration and knowledge like I'm trying to put on all the extra calories before a long winter. So that means I haven't been sharing, but damn I'm getting full! Full of some fantastic books, inspiring podcasts, and filling my brain with new ideas. And this is exactly what I need to balance out the warmer more expressive months that bring a whole different type of energy. 

There are days now that I wake up and it's cold and dark and I'll drive through the blackness in silence. I enjoy these moments. This calm, quiet time. A time to explore the darkness that sits inside and to be with it.  I'm a huge fan of gloomy rainy days, snowy cold ones, as well as the perfect blue skied summer days. Besides Lake Michigan, it's my second favorite reason for living in the Midwest. This constant shift in energy does so much for me that I would feel incomplete without it. 

I once texted my best friend after an especially good fight with Michael and asked her if she ever hated her husband? Like hated him so much it made you want to scream? She of course laughed and said no and in that moment I realized that it's me. It's a part of who I am, and that its ok. It's how I need to experience the world. I need to feel and be completely in the lows, just like I need the beautiful passion filled moments of the highs. So that's exactly what I'm doing right now with these seasons of my life. Experiencing it and embracing it all.


Since today is thanksgiving and since gratitude has been also been on my mind. Here's a few last thoughts.

I've been worried lately about things going wrong. When I see bad things happen to other people it gives me thoughts of scarcity.  Like how can I have so many good things always happen in my life? Won't my luck run out at some point? Maybe there's only so much goodness alloted to each person and I'm reaching my quota. But then I went into my yoga studio a few weeks ago and was reminded of the principle of asteya. That there is abundance in this world and that if I practice gratitude for all the good I have been blessed with that I'll find much more happiness and fulfillment from that mindset. So ive been working on that and once I think through all the good things in my life, I'm reminded that these good things have only brought me more good, not the opposite. 

So today and hopefully everyday I'm going to try and keep these blessings in mind:

-Good health and a functioning body that carries me through everyday without pain and with relative ease

-Inspiring, kind, and supportive people in my life. From my husband, to my family, to my good friends, when I think of all the people who are a part of my life I truely feel lucky

-The future and all the exciting things ahead of us. Having lots of things in the works that we are working and planning for is so invigorating and exciting.  But knowing how to lay the groundwork and have a strong foundation in place is a lesson I have learned this year and feel so grateful for. 


With gratitude and love, happy thanksgiving!