This past year, i've grown a lot. I've changed a lot of things in my life for the better and i'm the type of person that when I find something good i just want to tell everyone in the hopes that it can help them too! 

So i've thought about writing this blog a lot lately and I've thought about all the ideas I could share. But that's all i've done, is thought about it. Because then I think about how sick i am of social media most days and the lack of real engagement. I've thought about how I would hate to spend my limited free time with my husband and dog, typing away blog posts on a computer screen. I thought about how bad of a writer I am and how wordy I tend to be. I thought about how I need to have the perfectly designed blog before I could put words on it. i've thought about it all, but then I couldn't stop thinkng about the fact that I want to do this. I want to share, I want to express, I want to help, and I want to have real engagement. 

I was reminded last week in a yoga class that thinking is not enough sometimes.  When you let the moment pass you by where you are excited about something because you don't take action, its a waste of that energy.  So here's to not being wasteful and respecting that creative energy and excitement. 

So this space will evolve, it will never be perfect, it will never be finished. I'll never post enough, it'll never look as good as I want it to be, it will never have as much engagement as it could, but that's ok. Because the action and the expression is enough. 

"This is enough, this moment, this breath, this life, this time, this place, it's are enough" - Rob Bell 

So be prepared for lot of different topics to be talked about here!! Because I am excited about a lot of things these days.. 

  • home design and remodeling
  • budgeting and getting out of debt (i'm a dave ramsey fanatic)
  • art, especially art created by females!
  • food!! recipes, inspiration, menu's, all of it
  • essential oils
  • ways to improve your life
  • michigan 
  • goals
  • spirituality and the big questions
  • and also fun stuff, like music, inspiration, and anything else that I can't stop thinking about! 

Please feel free to send me messages, share stories, share ideas, or say hi! I'm sick of the engagement on social media, thats driven by self serving needs to gain more followers or more likes, or sell something. While I get it, i'm just ready for more! So let's do more and be more!